Student Panel Applications


Requirements for Membership:

Students are invited to apply for participation in the SCAI University Hearing Panel. Because there are a limited number of available positions on the panel, specific criteria are used to select new members. The minimum requirements are:

  1. 2.8 or higher overall adjusted G.P.A.;
  2. A strong interest in protecting the reputation of the university by assuring that the rules of the Codes of Conduct are upheld;
  3. Two references who will testify to your character and integrity;
  4. A commitment to unbiased and equitable assessment of evidence;
  5. A commitment to appropriate due process and protection of the rights of all members of the KSU community;
  6. A commitment to uphold the SCAI Panel Code of Ethics, and;
  7. Attend all required meetings and trainings.

 Fall 2016 application deadline is September 5, 2016